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In a world where companies are using more channels than ever before to connect with their customers, it comes as no surprise that 80% of marketers struggle to identify a common set of methods and metrics to successfully measure and attribute multi channel marketing’s effectiveness.

Marketers continue to find solutions on how they can reduce ad waste, overcome incomplete and inaccurate view of your buyer’s journey, difficulty translating analytical outputs into actionable spend changes all leading to achievement of low ROI. 

With actionable insights, you can make data-backed decisions to allocate your marketing budget wisely, refine your messaging, and optimize your campaigns for maximum positive impact.

Therefore, Plus AIOS in partnership with Communicate, invites you to this exclusive roundtable, to engage with brilliant marketing and data experts from the region as we discover innovative solutions, cutting-edge tools, and expert insights that can supercharge your marketing campaigns, help you plan, measure, and optimize them more effectively.

Date: 24th November 2023
Time: 3pm – 6pm
Location: 37x Dubai, DIFC


  • Brett Marchand, CEO, Plus Company.
  • Michael Cohen, CDO, Plus Company
  • Brittany Wickerson, Global Head of Media, Socialize / We Are Social.
  • Akanksha Goel, Founder, Socialize / Plus Company. 
  • Mitin C, Head of Marketing, Babyshop
  • Phillip Badenhorst – Director of Data and Strategic Planning – Shahid

Akanksha Goel – Founder and CEO

Socialize / Plus Company


3.00 PM - 3.30 PM

🤝 Welcome

Greet peers, exchange ideas, and set the tone for an afternoon of revolutionary insights.

3.30 PM - 3.45 PM

☝️ Opening Address

Laying the groundwork: The Future of AI in Marketing


Brett Marchand - CEO

3.45 PM - 4.15 PM

🦾 Keynote & AIOS REVEAL

Leveraging AI to convert Data into Dirhams: Rethinking marketing effectiveness, data myths & opportunities followed by a sneak peek into the future of AI-driven measurement and attribution


Michael Cohen - CDO

4.30 PM - 5.00 PM

🖐️ Insights from MENA

Navigating the ROAS to ROMI Transition: A spotlight into 5 measurement challenges faced in the region


Akanksha Goel - Founder and CEO


Brittany Wickerson - Global Head of Media

5.00 PM - 5.30 PM

🙌 Panel Discussion

From Data Myths to AI Mastery: Michael & Brittany join Mitin C, Head of Marketing from Babyshop to discuss, dissect & debunk real-world data challenges and AI’s transformative potential, setting the stage for a lively debate on the region's future marketing landscape. 

Moderated by Brett Marchand


Michael Cohen - CDO


Brittany Wickerson - Global Head of Media


Mitin Chakraborty - Head of Marketing


Brett Marchand - CEO


Phillip Badenhorst - Director of Data and Strategic Planning(Shahid/VOD)

5.30 PM onwards

🤙 Wrap-up & Demos

Networking with AIOS demos available for hands-on exploration.

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